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What past clients have said:

"Without Jennifer's gentle (yet strong!) presence I could not have had the kind of labour that I wanted. Jennifer was the voice of calm in a whirlwind of activity and emotion. Having her there kept me focused and able to cope. I wish that every woman had the chance to labour with someone like Jennifer. She really has a special gift."
- Felicia

" Jennifer introduced a sense of peace and control to this birth that was not available to us at our lonely and confused first birth.
My husband was able to fully enjoy the birth of his child because of Jennifer's presence as a knowledge-
able advocate for my comfort and well-being. Above all I am thankful for her constant words of encourage-
ment and encouraging touch. As simple as such actions may seem they make all the difference"
- Natalia, birthed at home

"The support you provided during the labour and delivery was an essential part of the positive experience we had at home and at the hospital. We couldn’t imagine things having gone better and we both reflect on the immense help you provided."
Lisa and Peter, used hypnosis in their first birth

"You were a pillar of strength when I didn’t think I could do it.”
Claire and Rod, about her third birth


*Please note that Jennifer is not taking clients in 2014. Feel free to contact her for referrals to other doulas.

Doula Services

Have all the support you need for the birth you want.

Whether birthing in hospital or at home, with a doctor or midwife, a first baby or a fourth, a doula helps to make birth better for women, partners and babies.
Journey into Childbirth

Labour is one of life’s most challenging and rewarding experiences. We remember our births for the rest of our lives. Ensure a positive birth memory by having all the support you need for the birth you want.

Isn’t my partner’s support enough?
The partner has his own unique challenges in birth: witnessing the woman he loves work through the birth process, staying awake and alert for long hours, experiencing the emotions of becoming a father, and acting as gate keeper and facilitator as new caregivers come and go with new questions and recommendations. Labour may require long hours of demanding massage, too much for one person.

How does a doula contribute?
A doula brings calm, experience, proven techniques and fresh energy when labour gets tough. She knows how strong women are and will help you find your inner strength and natural rhythm. She provides suggestions and questions to get the most from your caregivers. She relieves some of the stress of bringing a baby into the world.

What is your training and experience?
I am a trained and certified doula with DONA International. Since 1994 I have attended over 100 births in many hospitals and homes in the city of Toronto. I have worked with women having their first, second, third and fourth babies and even giving birth to twins.

What is your philosophy about childbirth and supporting women and their partners through labour?
I support the choices and decisions of my clients. Many of them learn hypnosis to promote relaxation and help them remain in control.

When and where do you join women in labour?
I will come whenever you ask me to. I usually need one hour to get to you. As long as there is time, I meet my clients in their homes and we go to the hospital together.

Will you meet with us to discuss our birth plans and the role that you will play in supporting us through childbirth?
We meet before the birth to discuss your priorities and preferences, your fears and concerns and to plan how we’ll best work together. We also keep in touch by phone. You may call me with questions or concerns before and after the birth.

Do you work with one or more backup doulas for times when you are not available?
I always have a back up doula as birth and life are unpredictable.

Will you provide references?
Yes, you may speak with a past client by phone.

What are your services after the birth?
I usually remain with you for one or two hours after birth. I can help with initial breastfeeding. I am available by phone to answer questions about the birth or about you and your baby. I will meet with you at your home after the birth.

How is a doula different from a midwife?

A midwife is a primary support person. Like a nurse or doctor she performs clinical procedures such as vaginal exams, fetal heart and blood pressure checks, etc. Doulas provide continuous support through labour, often beginning before your midwife arrives.

Will you advocate for me?
I will suggest options and questions you might ask your care giver. I will help you to get the information you need to make decisions. I will support your decisions. I do not make decisions for you. I do not speak on your behalf to your caregivers. You or your partner must speak for yourselves.

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